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Need a Hasty Pudding Theatricals Man of the Year Press Credential Application?

Need a Hasty Pudding Theatricals Woman of the Year Press Credential Application?

Hasty Pudding Theatricals statement in response to adding women to their cast

Cambridge, MA - September 10, 2015 – For immediate release


For decades, women have held critical positions within the Hasty Pudding Theatricals as presidents, producers, writers, composers and executive advisors. 

Having an all-male cast is an artistic decision. Presenting men in women's roles is the Hasty Pudding's artistic trademark, the artistic merit of which comes from its challenge to traditional perceptions and expectations of masculinity. That brand of satire is what makes the Pudding unique and has been a significant draw for our audiences and patrons.

In considering a possible change to the foundation of what has made the Pudding famous, it is imperative that we take proper steps and make thoughtful considerations to ensure the continued success of our organization. This is a conversation that has been ongoing for some time and a conversation that we fully and genuinely embrace, and we look forward to continuing this dialogue with our members, officers, alumni, and the broader community.

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