Why Advertise with HPT? 

As not only the oldest theatrical group in Boston, but in all of the America, we are the perfect solution for any business or company looking to expand their reach to the Cambridge or Boston audience.  For new brands trying to enter the Northeast market or big businesses hoping to reach the college demographic, we're the company to help you reach your target audience! We offer a number of traditional advertising options, and our creative team is on staff and prepared for any challenge or marketing opportunity ahead. As a group of 50 undergraduates, our potential is limitless. 


Types of Advertisements

We offer a variety of advertising options ranging in value from $700 upward. Our most popular placements are in our show's program, but as technology has advanced, so have our advertising options. As you can see, we have a state-of-the-art website, and offer advertising on our site as well. Our site recieves thousands of clicks a month, and in the winter months, that jumps to tens of thousands. We have started to offer placement on our patron email blasts, opened by thousands of our patrons from years' past. We can also offer space on our emails sent directly to Harvard graduates. 

The best opportunity afforded by advertising with a young & vibrant student organization is our flexibility. For a young and up-and-coming brand, we can offer placement of your product in our company and audience, as well as focus on our student-specific nights in the theater - with verbal shoutouts and ticket inserts. For an older and more established brand, we can tap into our generally wealthy and older patron base. These include high end furinture groups and jewlrey stores hoping to attract our patron base. 


How to Advertise

Please reach out to our advertising manager at a[email protected] for more information. For inquiries about larger sponsorship opportunities, typically $20,000 and above in value, please contact our show's producers at [email protected]. Our largest sponsors recieve a myriad of our most popoular advertising benefits, special ticket opportunities, and exlusive content woven into the show. 


Check out our Media Kit for more information! 




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