Hasty Pudding Alumni

John Adams, 1775

Attended First Continental Congress; Signed Declaration of Independence; First US Vice President, 1789; Second US President, 1796

John Quincy Adams, 1788

US Senator; Secretary of State under President James Monroe; Sixth US President, 1825-1829; US Representative

Phillips Brooks, 1855

Clergyman; lyricist of “O Little Town of Bethlehem”; namesake of Phillips Brooks House Associtation

Performed in the Pudding; It is rumored that he was cast for his height (he was around 6 foot 3)

Henry Hobson Richardson, 1859

Architect; designed Trinity Church, First Baptist Chruch, and Sever Hall amongst others; invented Richardson Romanesque style

Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1861

Served on the US Supreme Court for 30 years; Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

Performed in three Pudding productions, including 1860’s Raising the Wind

Robert Todd Lincoln, 1864

Two-time Secretary of War (under Presidents James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur) and US Ambassador to the Court of St. James (under President Benjamin Harrison)

Vice President of HPC and Member of HPT

Charles Follen McKim, 1867

Architect and Founder of McKim, Mead, and White resposible for the Boston Public Library and Penn Station amongst others

Henry Cabot Lodge, 1872

Massachusetts Senator; US Senate majority leader; Best known for his battles with President Woodrow Wilson over the Treaty of Versailles; Successfully prevented the US entry to the League of Nations

Performed in and wrote Pudding shows

Edmund March Wheelwright, 1876

City Architect of Boston; Architect of the Longfelllow Bridge and the Harvard Lampoon Castle, among other projects

Performed in the Pudding and was Artist

Francis Attwood, 1880 (did not graduate)

Artist/cartoonist for Cosmopolitan and Life Magazine

Artist for the Pudding, designed sets and props

Theodore Roosevelt, 1880

26th President of the United States

Secretary; referred to the then-dingy theater space as “the shed”.

Owen Wister, 1882

Author. Wrote The Virginian, effectively inventing the Western genre as we know it. Dedicated it to Teddy Roosevelt

Wrote 1882’s Dido and Aeneas, which brought the Pudding widespread acclaim and was the impetus to build 12 Holyoke St.

William Randolph Hearst, 1885 (did not graduate)

Newspaper, publishing and business magnate; Publisher of The San Francisco Examiner and The New York Journal; US Representative

Played a character named Pretzel; was expelled from Harvard after presenting his teachers with chamber pots instead of pudding pots, was expunged from all Harvard records

George Santayana, 1886

Famous man-of-letters and historian: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” and “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

Played Lady Elfrida in 1885’s Robin Hood

JP Morgan, Jr., 1886

Helped to rescue the America economy during the Banking Panic of 1907; Prominent financier and investment banker

Business manager for 1889’s The Duenna; Ironically, given his later financial successes, nearly bankrupted the Pudding while he was the manager

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1904

32nd President of the United States; New York State Senator; Assistant Secretary of the Navy; New York Governor

Played a chorus girl in HPT 59:Catnippers; Treasurer

Harry Elkins Widener, 1907

Book Collector; Died on the Titantic; Mother donated Widener Library in his memory

Performed in HPT 63: The Lotos-Eaters

John S. Reed, 1910

Journalist and prominent member of the American Communist Labor Party; Best known for his first hand account of the Bolshevik Revolution, Ten Days that Shook the World. Buried in the Kremlin Necropolis

Wrote the lyrics for HPT 66: Diana's Debut

Robert Benchley, 1912-1913

Columnist for The New Yorker and Vanity Fair; Algonquin Round Table member; Academy Award winner for his short film How to Sleep; appearances in many other films

Cast member in HPT 67: The Crystal Gazer and HPT 68: Below Zero

Robert Sherwood, 1918

Playwright, editor, screenwriter; Algonquin Round Table member; Sat on the board of Vanity Fair with Robert Benchley; wrote many notable American plays, including The Best Years of Our Lives, 1946 Academy Award for Best Screenplay

Wrote HPT 74: Barnum Was Right

Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., 1924

United States Senator from Massachusetts; US Ambassador to United Nations, South Vietnam, West Germany, and the Holy See

Lyricist for HPT 77: Take A Brace

Alistair Cooke, 1932

American and British radio and television personality; host of Masterpiece Theatre on PBS for 22 seasons; Foreign correspondent for the London Times; Hosted Letter from America on BBC for fifty five years

Directed HPT 88: Hades, the Ladies

Archibald Cox, 1934

Law professor; Served as the US Solicitor General under President Kennedy; first special prosecutor for the Watergate scandal; Journal of Legal Studies “Most cited legal scholars of the 20th century”

Assistant Manager HPT 87: Step Lively

John F. Kennedy, 1940

35th US President; US Senator; US Representative

Active Member in the Hasty Pudding Club

Alan Jay Lerner, 1940

Won three Tony Awards and three Oscars for his work as a librettist, which included writing the book for movies Gigi, My Fair Lady, and An American in Paris; With fellow Harvard grad (and honorary Krok) Leonard Bernstein, wrote Lonely Men of Harvard

Wrote and participated in HPT 92: So Proudly We Hail and HPT 93: Fair Enough; often played pool with JFK in Farkas Hall

Jack Lemmon, 1947

Actor in more than 60 films, including Some Like It Hot and The Odd Couple; received two Academy Awards 

First performed in drag in HPT: 97 Proof of the Pudding; President of the Pudding in 1947; Man of the Year in 1973

George Plimpton, 1948-1950

Sports writer for Sports Illustrated; known for co-founding and editing The Paris Review; Author of Paper Lion, among other books; has made cameo appearances in many shows and films

Performed in the Pudding

Fred Gwynne, 1951

Acted in sitcoms like Car 54, Where Are You? and The Munsters; Known for his role as Judge Chamberlain Haller in My Cousin Vinny

Played Pablo in HPT 101: Tomorrow is Manaña and the Sheriff in HPT 102: Heart of Gold

Ted Kennedy, 1956

United States Senator from MA; Lion of the Senate

Active Hasty Pudding Club member

Erich Segal, 1958

Wrote both novel and screenplay version of Love Story

Wrote HPT 110: The Big Fizz

Stockard Channing, 1965

Three-time Emmy and one-time Tony award winning actress; played Betty Rizzo in Grease film and First Lady Abby Bartlet in The West Wing

Tech member in HPT 116: William Had The Words; got her last name from marrying Pudding Member, Walter Channing

William Weld, 1966

68th Governor of Massachusetts; Federal prosecutor in the US Justice Department

Performed in the cast of HPT 116, 117, and 118; Cast VP in 1966

Doug Kenney, 1968

Co-founder of the National Lampoon; wrote Animal House and Caddyshack

Performed in HPT 118: Right Up Your Alley and HPT 119: A Hit And A Myth

Mark O’Donnell, 1976

Along with Thomas Meehan, received the Tony Award for Best Book of a Musical for Hairspray; Again with Meehan, wrote the 2007 film adaptation for Hairspray

Writer and librettist for three Pudding productions

Grover Norquist, 1978

Founder and President of Americans for Tax Reform

Production Assistant for HPT 128: Tots in Tinsletown

Deval Patrick, 1978

71st Governor of Massachusetts

Active Member of the Hasty Pudding Club

Charlie Baker, 1979

72nd Governor of Massachusetts; CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Active Member of the Hasty Pudding Club

Paris Barclay, 1979

First African-American and openly gay President of the Directors Guild of America; Directed music videos for stars like Janet Jackson, LL Cool Jay, and Bob Dylan; Directed over 120 episodes for major television shows like Glee, The West Wing, and Lost; Earned two Emmy Awards for NYPD Blue; Executive producer of FX’s highest rated series ever, Sons of Anarchy

Wrote the music for HPT 129: Cardinal Knowledge and HPT 131: Overtures in Asia Minor

Phil Murphy, 1979

56th Governor of New Jersey; U.S. Ambassador to Germany

President of HPT 131: Overtures in Asia Minor; Cast VP of HPT 130: A Thousand Clones; four year cast member as Jeanette Tickdrift in HPT 128: Tots in Tinseltown, Reston Peace in HPT 129: Cardinal Knowledge, Xylo Phone in HPT 130: A Thousand Clones, and Carson O'Genick in HPT 131: Overtures in Asia Minor

Andy Borowitz, 1980

Creator of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; Co-produced Pleasantville; Creator of The Borowitz Report, a satire news website; New York Times bestselling author; first recipient of the National Press Club award for humor; Contributing writer for The New Yorker, The Borowitz Report

Wrote HPT 130: A Thousand Clones

Dean Norris, 1985

Actor with numerous roles, most notably as Hank Schrader in Breaking Bad

Performed in HPT 135: Of Mines and Men; video here

Paul Felix, 1987

Walt Disney animator and visual development designer for Mulan, Tarzan, The Emperor’s New Groove, and Brother Bear, among others; Production designer for Lilo and Stitch; Art director for Bolt

Artist for the HPT 138: Between the Sheiks

Peter Sagal, 1987

Playwright and host of the NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

Cast member in HPT 137 and HPT 138; co-author of HPT 138: Between the Sheiks

Larry O’Keefe, 1991

Composer and lyricist for Bat Boy: The Musical; Sarah, Plain and Tall; and Legally Blonde: The Musical; and Heathers: The Musical

Performed in HPT 140 and HPT 143 shows; Composed HPT 142 and HPT 143 (book by Mo Rocca); Co-authored HPT 145 with Nell Benjamin and Mark O'Keefe

Mo Rocca, 1991

Was a regular contributor to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and NBC’s The Tonight Show and MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann; Specializes in political satire; Currently featured on CBS News Sunday Morning and My Grandmother's Raviloli 

President of HPT in 1990; Authored HPT 142: Suede Expectations; Performed in HPT 140, 141, 142, and 143

Nell Benjamin, 1993

Co-wrote Cam Jansen; Sarah, Plain and Tall; and Legally Blonde: The Musical; wrote The Explorers Club

Co-wrote HPT 145: Romancing the Throne with the O’Keefe brothers; on Tech Crew for HPT 143, 144, and 145

David Javerbaum, 1993

Former Executive Producer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart; Recipient of 11 Emmy Awards, two Grammy Awards, two Peabody Awards, and Television Critics Association Awards for Best Comedy and Best News Show; co-author/producer for America (The Book) and Earth (The Book). Last Testament of God.

Lyricist and co-author for HPT 144: Up Your Ante and HPT 146: A Forum Affair

‚ÄčMark O’Keefe, 1993

Screenwriter for Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty and Click 

Co-authored HPT 145: Romancing the Throne with brother Larry and Nell Benjamin

Rashida Jones, 1997

Actress in Boston Public, The Office, I Love You, Man, The Social Network, and Parks and Recreation, among other shows and movie

Co-composed the score for HPT 149: Me and My Galaxy; Businees Staff member HPT 147 and HPT 149

BJ Novak, 2001

Actor and writer for The Office. Appeared in Inglorious Basterds. Author.

Active Member of Hasty Pudding Club

Megan Amram, 2010

Internet phenom; Author; writer for Parks and Recreation; Wrote Science...For Her . Follow her @meganamram

Co-writer of HPT 161: Acropolis Now and HPT 162: Commie Dearest; Along with Alexandra Petri (‘10), Amram was part of the Pudding’s first all-female writing team


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