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The Hasty Pudding Theatricals Proudly Presents Its 172nd Production: Mean Ghouls

Face your fears and journey to a grave new world! When bright-eyed teen MIA GHENSTAWORLD’s mom, DONNA DEDEAD, becomes a zombie, she and her detective brother, LUKE ACLUE, are forced to move to Transylvania. Unfortunately for Mia, high school in the land of the freaks can make you wish you were dead… in more ways than one! Mia’s mummy teacher, EUREKA BOOZE, is too wrapped up in drinking to notice that man-made monstrosity LOU SCREWS is playing hooky, let alone that Mia’s being bullied. Tormented by mean-spirited spirit MEGAN DUBOISCREAM and desperate to win the love of bad-boy werewolf JASON TAIL, Mia enlists the help of infamous witch MYRA VENGISNIGH and her right-hunch man, IGOR TOPLEASE. The witch and Igor can give Mia everything she’s ever wanted, but there’s a catch – Myra’s brewing up something rotten, and this time, it isn’t undead flesh. Can our plucky protagonist reverse the evil she’s unleashed, or will our wicked witch finally get her revenge? Can nerdy fish-boy SHELDON SHUCKED stop floundering and make a splash at the Last Day of October Dance? Why does fearsome teen vampire HELENA CAPE keep waking up on the wrong side of the coffin? And when will visiting ghostbuster HUGH YAGONNACALL learn to see past the tip of his proton pack? Anything ghost in HPT 172: MEAN GHOULS!

This year’s writers are Jess Moore '21 and Jake Gilbert ’21.


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