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The Hasty Pudding Theatricals Proudly Presents Its 171st Production

Vive la France! Thanks to Queen REINA TERROR and her evil regime, Paris is in ruins. When Reina’s right-hand man NEVILLE LETCHAGUARDOWN seizes southern bovine BELLE ROUNDERNECK, the townspeople are fed up—and not just by baguettes!

Town butcher PHIL AYMIGNON leads them in la révolution with the help of devilish girl scout SELMA COOKIES and brainless blacksmith JACQUES OVALLTRADES. Meanwhile, Phil’s love for Princess THERESA SPARKINME is challenged by their allegiances to opposite sides of the revolution. As Reina tries to send the Princess off to Siberia to wed Russian Prince EMMANUEL HAFTAMARRY, Theresa will have to choose between being obedient and following her heart. Will wacky mime PAUL AYVOUSFRANÇAIS stay loyal to Reina? Will pirate-parrot duo BARRY METREAZURE and IVY LEEVAYECANFLY ever find the booty they seek? Will DESDEMONA LISA finally meet a man after being stuck inside that darn painting for the last 300 years? We shall Merci in HPT 171: FRANCE FRANCE REVOLUTION!

This year’s writers are Michael Perusse ’20 and Max Weiss ’20.


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