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CAMBRIDGE, MA (November 20, 2014) – The Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770 announced today their first foray into merchandising and licensing with a deal with Stubbs & Wootton, purveyors of hand-made slippers to be worn day into evening, from jeans to dinner clothes.

The oh-so-chic slippers, sporting either the Hasty Pudding Institute Crest or the Hasty Pudding Pudding Pot logo are available at Stubbs & Wootton’s stores in Palm Beach and New York City or through their website.

The Hasty Pudding Institute is planning on launching a line of licensed products in an effort to diversify their funding and raise more revenue to support their philanthropic activities. Earlier in the year, the Hasty Pudding had announced a series of philanthropic projects including grants to BAM’s Arts & Justice program, The Arthur Miller Foundation and The Institute of Play, The East End Special Players, and the West End House Boys & Girls Club; as well as Fellowships with the American Repertory Theater and The Black List. The Hasty Pudding Institute is currently reviewing new philanthropic projects for 2015.

The Hasty Pudding’s prestigious, rich and unique history, spanning over 200 years, holds untapped potential as a quintessential Americana brand. Founded at Harvard University in 1795, the Hasty Pudding Club boasts 5 US Presidents among its illustrious alumni (John and John Quincy Adams, Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy) as well as many other luminaries such as William Randolph Hearst, JP Morgan Jr, Alan Jay Lerner, Jack Lemon, Fred Gwynne, or former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to name just a few. Since 1844, the Hasty Pudding Theatricals have been synonymous with satire and comedy, producing annual pun-filled musical theatre extravaganzas, and have bestowed the prestigious Man and Woman of the Year Award to famous actors and actresses since 1951. Neil Patrick Harris and Helen Mirren were the 2014 recipients of the iconic Pudding Pots.

The Hasty Pudding merchandise line will aim to convey the same mix of high-end, Ivy League style and tongue-in-cheek humor, and could be described as “preppy with a twist”. It is bound to appeal to a wide array of customers from college-bound youth to nostalgic alumni, from long-time fans of the Pudding shows to tourists visiting the Cambridge area.

“We are very excited to have partnered with Stubbs & Wootton and start our licensing program with a bang with their Hasty Pudding slippers. The craftsmanship and quality of their hand-made shoes reflect the care we want to place in our line, while their impeccable classic style, mixed with irreverent dashes of humor, is completely in line with our own brand positioning. One could not hope for a more perfect match!” said Marie-Cecile Girard-Jones, the Executive General Manager of the Hasty Pudding Institute.

“We are honored to be footwear purveyors to the distinguished society of the Hasty Pudding... Having personally attended many a function… We believe that John Adams himself would have proudly sported these slippers!” said Percy P. Steinhart III, founder and creative director of Stubbs & Wootton.



The Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770’s philanthropic mission is to provide educational and developmental support in all aspects of the performing arts for the underprivileged, to encourage satire and comedy, and to cultivate young talent around the world. The Institute is comprised of The Hasty Pudding Club (the oldest social club in the United States), The Hasty Pudding Theatricals (the third oldest theater group in the world, after the Comédie Française and the Oberammergau Passion Players) and the Harvard Krokodiloes (the foremost collegiate a cappella group in the United States). Over the last two centuries, it has grown into a premiere performing arts organization, a patron of the arts and comedy, and an advocate for satire and discourse as tools for change worldwide.


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Purveyors of hand-made slippers to be worn day into evening, from jeans to dinner clothes.

Available in Palm Bach and New York City or through our website:


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