Organizations We Support

BAM Arts & Justice program provides at-risk high school students with a forum for artistic creation related to social justice issues. Funding from the Pudding enables the addition of a distance learning component for the program, connecting the students in New York City with an initiative at the Tate Liverpool in a collaborative creative exercise.


The Arthur Miller Foundation and Institute of Play donation will be used to support the design and pilot of an exportable theater-film program to re-envision the role of arts in middle and high school education. The pilot program will be the basis for an in-school curriculum with the potential for wide reach across public schools.


The East End Special Players, a theater company comprised of adults with disabilities, held their first performance in NYC on April 12 at fi:af. The Pudding sponsored this performance in order to allow the company to reach a broader audience, as well as to engage an intern to coordinate outreach and engagement around the event.



The West End House Boys and Girls Club “Page to Stage” is a theater program originally created out of an identified need to improve literacy and problem-solving skills for our young people. Today, this program serves members ages 7-12 and leads them through the entire playmaking process, from conception of an idea, through theme and character exploration, play-writing and revising, rehearsal, and finally, performance. Funds from the Hasty Pudding Institute allow for a budget for costumes, set, and props supplies, as well as an opportunity for the students involved and their parents to experience a professional theater production in the Boston area – the first such opportunity for many of the students.

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