HPT 172 Patrons & Sponsors

The Hasty Pudding Theatricals extends its deepest gratitude to the generous supporters of HPT 172. The production would not be possible without the support of the following patrons.

Scott Klein and Marta Feldmesser Hasty Pudding Theatricals Band Fund
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Scott W. Klein
Marta Feldmesser

Corporate Sponsor

The Hasty Pudding Theatricals is grateful to our corporate sponsor, The Harvard Coop

Friends of Lemuel Hayward

Lena Demashkieh and Fahad Roumani

Bombastes Furioso Society

Jaime and Melinda Davila
Mark Szpak and Robin Mount


Robin Potts
Willis Emmons and Zach Durant-Emmons
Adam Chiavacci
Bruce H. Minevitz


Michael and Mindy Meade


Alan Matson


Adelbert Glen Kewley
Brian Farrell
Dennis Ravenelle
Jordan Heyano
Leo and Lisa Amador
Melanie Sheer
Robert and Marthe Forrester
Sara And Jerald Reisman


Aaron Slipper
Alexandra Petri
Ameera Weeks
Anna Kelsey
Anthony Oblen
Brian Polk
Chaffee Duckers
Claire-Marie Murphy
Clifford Murray
Daniel Hughes
David Andersson
Derek Speedy
Elias Rivas
Ethan Hardy
Glenn Kiser
Guan-Yue Chen
James Patrick Fitzpatrick
Jason Hellerstein
Jesse Nee-Vogelman
Joel Davidson
John Blickstead
Jonathan Finn-Gamino
Kyle Whelihan
Lisbeth Zelle
Mary Kate Burke
Megan Amram
Melanie Comeau
Michael Barron
Nora Sagal
Olivia Moseley
Reed Silverman
Renee Rober
Samuel Hopkins
Thomas Barber
Todd Bartels
Warren Adler

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